Romney skates on thin ice re: Obama

Today I listened to Sean Hannity’s radio program while he interviewed former GOP Massachusetts Governor and former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney was trying to weigh in on the news of Rev. Wright vis-a-vis Barack Obama.  Romney was trying to split hairs over what was religious and what was political.  He did say that religion shouldn’t enter in to the Obama candidacy equation.  OK, I’m on board with that.  He did say that we should take Obama at his word that he does not share the views of Rev. Wright.  Good, because that’s what I say, also.  So, if we take Obama at his word, why did Mitt Romney go ahead and discuss the comments of Rev. Wright?  Also, if religion shouldn’t enter the equation, why did Romney question why Obama attended the same church for 20 years?  I think Romney was trying to tiptoe carefully through the discussion, but I think he failed.  I think he skated on thin ice and fell through.  I don’t think he managed to split the hairs.  Of course, I’m clearly not in synch with Hannity on this issue, either.

Though he had suspended his campaign before Ohio voted in its primary, I cast my vote for Romney, anyway.  Can you tell I’m a little bit disappointed in Romney for not taking the high road on this?

5 Responses to “Romney skates on thin ice re: Obama”

  1. Ben K Says:

    I voted for Romney as well.

    I do have a different take. Obama tried to have it both ways with Wright until it blew up in his face. This is the guy BHO used to start his career. I dont think it is out of bounds.

  2. buckeyerino Says:

    I think Obama’s words in San Francisco are definitely fair game, and those words surely do elicit questions about Obama’s views of America. But Obama has stated repeatedly that Wright’s views are not his own views, and I’m OK with that. I wish the pundits skewering Obama would take him to task for his own words, not Wright’s.

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