In Barrett’s wake: Barrett leaves law firm; replacement search extended

The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram and the Lorain Morning Journal have reported that former state rep Matt Barrett no longer works at the law firm of Miraldi and Barrett, his father’s firm.

The Ohio House 58th District replacement search committee of the Ohio House Democratic Caucus has extended their deadline for application submissions by a week.  There were seven original applicants, but only three actually resided in the district.  The three current applicants each come from a different county in a district that includes the eastern third of Seneca County, all of Huron County, and the parts of Lorain County that are west and south of Oberlin (which is in the 56th District).  From Attica in Seneca County is Mary Fleure, whose occupation is senior caretaker.  I have not met her, and her name is not widely recognized.  From Norwalk in Huron County is a retired judge, Thomas Heydinger.  I’ve opined that his appointment would make the most sense to me.  From Amherst in Lorain County is Frank Janik, an assistant county prosecutor.  I featured Janik in a prior blog entry, as well.

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