Redfern makes good on his promise

Prior to state Dem leadership calling upon Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann to resign or be impeached, I criticized the Democrats, and mentioned Redfern by name, for being slow to break their silence.  Kevin DeWine, deputy chair of the Ohio Republican Party had already staked out a position.

This past Monday, Chris Redfern was among Ohio’s Democrat leaders that signed a letter addressed to Marc Dann expressing their displeasure and asking for his resignation or face impeachment.  Later, it was revealed that the Ohio Democrat Party had removed all mentions of Dann from its website and Redfern caused a stir in the blogosphere indicating that the party would no longer endorse Dann.  Today, the Ohio Democrat Party is holding a convention and the news has already come out that the votes are in, and the ODP has officially stripped Dann of the endorsement they gave him in 2006.

The noose is tightening, Marc Dann.

While Redfern has carried out the ultimatum made by the ODP, there is still one thing that remains that continues to stick in my craw.  Since Marc Dann has refused to resign, the state Dem leadership promised to begin impeachment proceedings in the Ohio House.  So far, the impeachment process has not yet begun.

I’m extremely disappointed.  Perhaps I’ll complain to my state representative.  Oh, by the way, I currently live in Sandusky, so that means that my state rep is . . . CHRIS REDFERN!!!!!

Ahem . . . !

6 Responses to “Redfern makes good on his promise”

  1. Ben K Says:

    I thought Darke Blog wrote something interesting and said maybe democrats are trying to set this up to blame Republicans for inaction by not starting the process to get rid of dann. That way they can try and shift the blame.

  2. LisaCD Says:

    Welcome to SanTown.
    I enjoy your blog, and your right of center perspective. I’m also glad there is finally a blogger representing this part of Ohio, and you’ve certainly lived in most of it, from Bellevue to Berlin Heights Erie County is a great place to live and we rarely register on the radar.
    best wishes

  3. buckeyerino Says:

    Ben Keeler, I wish the political parties would just rush to do the right thing instead of making political hay out of this. I think rushing to do the right thing would be more impressive to Ohio voters than playing games.

  4. buckeyerino Says:

    Lisa CD, thanks for reading and commenting. Hopefully the future will include lots of blog entries that you may find interesting (at least I’ll try).

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