A new day in Lorain with a new law director

It’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it?

If you’ve been a regular reader here at Buckeye RINO, then you know I’ve been clamoring for Mark Provenza, serial drunk driver, to step down as law director in the city of Lorain.

Provenza eventually did step down, and now, finally, a new appointee, Patrick Riley, has officially been sworn in as the new Law Director.  Lorain’s Morning Journal had some nice things to report about Riley’s first day on the job:

“The lawyers in the department have all been given set schedules and assigned specific city departments for which they are responsible. He [Riley] also put in a system that will track legal opinion requests and ensure they are responded to within five business days and developed a filing system for all the city’s litigation . . .”

Riley also hopes to do more with less by seeking law students to assist his staff as volunteers, thereby having more hands on deck for the same amount of payroll, and the law students receive valuable experience for their resumes before they graduate into a tough labor market.  Sounds smart to me.  Couldn’t Provenza have thought of such a thing?

Perhaps with a new ethic in how the work in the law director’s office is proceeding, a city employee handbook defining the code of conduct that city employees should adhere to might have a chance of being formulated and implemented.

But then, maybe I should be more cautious about expressing glimmers of optimism.

One Response to “A new day in Lorain with a new law director”

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