Buckeye RINO endorsement recap

Today is the last day to get out and vote.  I urge all U.S. citizens to do so.

I’ve noted that traffic to the blog has been burrowing in to old posts to dig up what Buckeye RINO has said about the various campaign races currently underway.  I guess I should have made site navigation a little easier for the readers, so let me try to help out with this post and give you links to help you find what you are looking for.

U.S. President: I’m supporting John McCain.  Foreign policy is almost always the decisive factor for me when it comes to choosing the president, since Congress really doesn’t have a handle on the foreign policy agenda.  Congress DOES have a handle on the domestic policy agenda, which is why I give that less weight when making presidential voting decisions.  McCain’s foreign policy platform is the reason why, even though I opposed the bailout bill, I wasn’t lured to one of the minor party candidates who opposed the bailout.  If Joe Biden is sure that Obama will be tested by our enemies in the first 6 months if elected, you can be sure that the minor party candidates like Barr, Baldwin, and Nader would also be given that test.  McCain’s already been tested, and he passed the test.  I did write one entry about Obama and one of his foreign policy platform planks, but most of my writing about the McCain-Obama race was on the domestic front, much of it recorded in the 13-part HOPE ON series.  Here’s the link to HOPE ON Part 13, and there you’ll find links to the other twelve installments, and you’ll find those installments riddled with links, too.

Congress: I’ve endorsed Bob Latta in the 5th District, Bradley Leavitt in the 9th District, and Dave Potter in the 13th District.

Ohio’s ballot issues: I’m in favor of issues 1, 3, and 5, but I’m against issues 2 and 6.  I wrote an additional post about Issue 5, coupled with Issue 6.  I’ve also written extensively against issue 6, beginning with “Deep-six Issue 6,” and spelling out the economic downside of Issue 6, along with stances against Issue 6 from the viewpoints of Democrats, Libertarians, and Republicans.  I’ve linked to audio and video clips against Issue 6, I’ve urged voters to keep the zombies away and to frustrate lobbyists by voting no on 6, and I’ve expressed shocked surprise and disapproval when Issue 6 backers referred to the League of Women Voters as a “firing squad.”

General Assembly: Jeff Wagner in Ohio’s 81st House District.  I didn’t write about it, but in my own Ohio House District, the 80th, I voted for Ed Enderle for state rep.  When Matt Barrett’s problems came to light, I pointed to Terry Boose to pick up the baton for state rep in the 58th Ohio House District.  Heydinger was appointed to fill the rest of the Barrett term, but Heydinger decided to withdraw from the election because he felt the Ohio Democrat Party wanted to attach too many strings to him in exchange for financial campaign support.  Voters should think long and hard about that fact.  Terry Traster, a member of Amherst City Council that now is the Democrat standard-bearer, ideologically, doesn’t have a lot in common with the rest of the 58th District.  He’s not a good fit.  Lorain County Democrat politicians, like Traster, don’t often see eye-to-eye with the more rural and conservative voters of Huron County, southern Lorain County, and eastern Seneca County.  Terry Boose should be the pick of the 58th.

Seneca County: Damon Alt for Seneca County Treasurer.  Longtime incumbent Marguerite Bernard has to go.

Huron County: Larry Silcox for Huron County Commissioner.  Sharon Ward is not suitable.

Erie County: Mike Printy for Erie County Commissioner.

Cuyahoga County: Annette Butler for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.

Lorain County: Nick Brusky and Martin O’Donnell for Lorain County Commissioner.  You can read more about the current state of affairs in Lorain County here, here, here, and here.

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