Indie Talk 110 has election coverage on Sirius satellite radio

For those who subscribe to Sirius satellite radio, Indie Talk 110 will be covering election results tonight.  When election results are slow coming in on the cable television news networks, do you get bored by the same talking heads repeating the same drivel over and over again?  Well, Indie Talk 110 sent me an email that indicates they have a cure for that:  During Indie Talk’s election coverage, they’ll be chatting with people from different places around the nation about election results from their neck of the woods, not a cast of characters that’s the same-old same-old that the TV networks turn to daily to get the same-old same-old redundantly predictable spin that talks about elections only on the macro level and that totally misses the local flavor of coverage.  No doubt, Indie Talk will cover the macro trends of this election, but they’ll also be sampling at the micro level, too.

I’ve participated in political discussion at Indie Talk 110 before, on their “Blog Bunker” segment, and I was impressed with the savvy and insightful listenership that calls in to the show to share their commentary.  For Sirius subscribers, I’m sure it’s well worth a listen to tune in tonight.

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