Two scoops of Carnival, please

For those who love the Carnival of Ohio Politics, Jill Miller Zimon, of Writes Like She Talks, has composed a double-post.  Therefore, as you peruse the contents and see that some blogs appear in two separate paragraphs, bear in mind that they aren’t duplications of the same thing, they are, instead, twice as much stuff as usual (lots of reading).

It must have been quite a chore to put all that material together, so I’ll not try to make too big a deal out of the way my post about a “released time” proposal in Willard was incorrectly characterized in the Carnival as a fusion of church and state.  But I do have to make something of a deal out of it, because the released time proposal preserves a separation of church and state, and, if pursued along the same veins revealed in my post about School Enterprise Zones, released time can be a benefit for students and parents that can be applied to any supplemental educational pursuit, and need not have any connection at all whatsoever to religion.

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