[UPDATE] How do illegal immigrants register vehicles?

Well, for awhile, Ohio was facilitating vehicle registration for illegal immigrants to the United States of America.  And it happened on Strickland’s watch.

We’ve known about this for awhile now.  I hadn’t blogged about it before, but it’s been blogged about at:

Collecting My Thoughts: http://collectingmythoughts.blogspot.com/2009/09/governor-stricklands-illegal-immigrant.html

Right Ohio: http://www.rightohio.com/2009/11/02/strickland-administration-grants-illegal-immigrants-now-illegals-are-panicked-that-laws-might-be-enforced/


Kyle Sisk: http://kylesisk.typepad.com/sisker/2009/09/ted-stricklands-new-program-driving-privileges-for-who-the-hell-knows.html

Well, now actual numbers are rolling in to quantify just how bad the problem is.  Kyle Sisk has added these blog posts that will make your head hurt:




[UPDATE 2/5/2010] Kyle Sisk wasn’t finished with his coverage of these illegal hijinks.  There’s more:




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