Press Release: HB 436, part of Republican “Future of Ohio” plan, sponsored by Boose and Balderson

Editor’s note:  Terry Boose represents the 58th Ohio House District in the General Assembly.  Troy Balderson represents the 94th Ohio House District.

Lawmakers Work For Accountable, Efficient State Government

Reps. Boose and Balderson Urge Transparency Through Legislative Measure

Columbus—State Reps. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk) and Troy Balderson (R-Zanesville) today introduced House Bill 436, which when enacted will create the Council on Efficient Government to review and advise agencies that choose to use private contractors, as part of the “Future of Ohio” Government Reform package.

“This is about government accountability and protecting your tax dollars,” said Boose. “Reducing excessive costs while improving public services is one of many steps this legislation can assist in making Ohio’s government a more accountable government.”

House Bill 436 is a vital component of “The Future of Ohio” Government Reform package, a collection of 10 bills that was unveiled by House Republicans in November. These bills aim to improve government efficiency, create jobs and make Ohio nationally competitive. The Council on Efficient Government would serve to trim down the cost of state government and make agencies work better for the people of Ohio.

“This bill, as well as the other “Future of Ohio” bills, can have a lasting effect on the way Ohio does business,” Balderson said. “Now is the time to enact common sense solutions to Ohio’s problems so we can create jobs and better serve the people. Any measures to improve efficiency and reexamine how our state agencies operate are worth exploring.”

Many businesses, local governments and non-profit organizations have taken advantage of using outside private contractors to reduce costs, increase efficiency and better serve the public. If applied to state agencies, it would give the departments the ability to reduce their budgets while providing the same level of service to Ohioans.

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