Dem primary: Williams for 56th Ohio House; Rimbert for Lorain County Commissioner

I’ve been remiss in not posting original content during this primary season.  There are only a few primary races I wish to weigh in on.

On the Democrat side of the ledger, first let me note that, so far, the current Lorain County Auditor has no opposition.  This is a big, big mistake.  I’m crossing my fingers and hoping an independent files by May 3rd to challenge the auditor this fall.

For the 56th Ohio House District, a seat that I twice ran for on the Republican side, I favor former New Russia Township Trustee Richard Williams for the Democrat nomination.  He is considered an underdog in this 4-way race for the nomination, but he is both knowledgeable about the issues facing the whole state of Ohio and the priorities of local constituents.  I believe Jose Candelario to be too divisive and the choice of the Lorain “machine,” Dan Ramos to be too much of a Capitol insider and not fully in touch with the local residents (and too closely tied to Joe Koziura for my liking), and Maria Zampieri Vitale too narrowly focused to address the full range of issues facing Ohio.  If I were forced to pick a second preference, I would grudgingly favor Candelario.

Dick Williams was highly regarded as a township trustee, as he served well in office.  Mr. Williams also is past president of the Ohio Township Association, demonstrating how well he was esteemed by his peers, and acquainting him with issues facing all of Ohio.

For the Democrat nomination for Lorain County Commissioner, I favor Ronnie Rimbert, former Oberlin City Council member.  My second preference would be Carlisle Township Trustee Berry Taylor.  Joshua Meszes is too closely identified with former county commissioner Mary Jo Vasi, and, I ask you, how did that pan out?  I did not support Victor Stewart for Elyria City Council-at-large last fall, and I do not support him now.  I think Elyria is headed down the wrong road, and Stewart is part of the problem.  Bret Schuster is of no use to Lorain as a city council member, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what he could possibly bring to the table.  I’ve been opposed to Joe Koziura during his mayoral campaigns in the city of Lorain, and I’ve opposed him (literally) in his state rep races.  He is one of the “good old boys,” a key player in the Lorain Democrat Party “machine,” too apt to practice cronyism, too wrongheaded on the issues, and has presided over political and economic disaster in his nearly 40 years in public office.  Another strike against both Schuster and Koziura are that they are from Lorain when two current commissioners are already from Lorain, a city that happens to be the most dysfunctional of any Lorain County community, thus the election of either would severely unbalance the representation of the county as a whole on the county commission.

Ronnie Rimbert served well in office, is not a “machine” candidate, thoughtfully deliberates over decisions facing him, and would bring a proven track record, a level head, and better balance of representation to the county commission.