Casino operators: Special rights for special people

There are so many illuminating tidbits of information to cull from my correspondence with the backers of the casino issue.  Thus, this will not be the only blog entry written about what’s revealed in that correspondence, so stay tuned . . .

If voters were to approve this casino issue in the November election, casinos would be legal in Ohio by an amendment of the Ohio Constitution.

So, are you, Ohio residents, ready to open up your casinos?  Oops!  Wait a minute.  Who do you think you are?  Dan Gilbert?  If you aren’t Dan Gilbert, and you open a casino, you will be raided by the police, your gambling equipment and revenues will be confiscated, you will be thrown in jail, and you will be charged with a crime and prosecuted.  PERIOD! But if you ARE Dan Gilbert . . . CHA-CHING!

Think that’s unfair?  Think it’s so unfair that it should be unconstitutional?  Guess again . . . it’ll be TOTALLY constitutional, because we will have amended Ohio’s constitution to make casino operation permissable for Dan Gilbert, and out-of-state casino operators (like Penn National Gaming Inc.), but IMPERMISSABLE for other Ohio residents.  Isn’t it interesting that an out of state casino corporation will be granted more constitutional rights by Ohio than Ohioans, themselves, will be granted?

And just who is Dan Gilbert, anyway?  He’s the loan-shark-in-chief of Quicken Loans.  He’s the special Ohioan who gets to own and operate a casino in Cleveland.  OOOPS!  Did I say Ohioan?  Duh!  I meant to say Wolverine (or, at least Spartan, as he’s a Michigan State alum)!  His hometown is Livonia, Michigan!  My oh my!  Do ANY Ohioans, any at all, get a crack at opening an Ohio casino if we approve this amendment to our state’s constitution?

So, all this agitating over neighboring states having casinos, but not Ohio, would result in allowing the entities from the neighboring states to be the ones to operate Ohio’s casinos.  So, after the taxes are paid by the casinos, where will the casino profits go that the casino owners get to keep?  Outside of Ohio?  WAIT A MINUTE!  I thought that the whole idea behind voting for this constitutional amendment was to KEEP THE GAMBLING MONEY INSIDE OHIO!!!!!  BUT IT WON”T BE THAT WAY AT ALL!!  MONEY THAT COMES FROM INSIDE OHIO WILL STILL BE PUMPED OUTSIDE OHIO!!!! The people who will be enriched by casinos will be non-Ohioans, and the people who will be impoverished by casinos will be Ohioans.  Sound like a wonderful state constitutional amendment to you?

And why won’t Ohioans be allowed to open casinos?  That’s the question I asked to the spokespersons of the casino proponents.  It’s because it’s “impractical.”  Our economy can’t sustain a free marketplace filled with casinos (and THAT’S A WHOLE OTHER ISSUE TO EXPLORE IN FUTURE BLOG ENTRIES!).  Expect any expansion beyond the original four casinos to be jealously fought over if they would allow new casino ownership groups to compete with the original mix of casino owners.

15 Responses to “Casino operators: Special rights for special people”

  1. Loraine Ritchey Says:

    I updated the link on my page….

  2. Bob Tenenbaum Says:

    As the casino spokesman referred to in this post, I’d ask that all readers click on the link to “e-mail correspondence with casino issue spokesman.” There are several paragraphs with answers to BuckeyeRino’s questions . . . rather than the one word he chose to use (out of context, I might add) in this post.

    • buckeyerino Says:

      Thanks for commenting, Mr. Tenenbaum. Indeed, I would echo that request for readers to check that link, which is why the link is included. I think I have not misconstrued the word “impractical,” but Mr. Tenenbaum is welcome to provide additional context that guides his use of that term, if he wishes.

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