Guest blog: Brandon Rutherford, ” . . . you should vote.”

Editor’s note:  Brandon Rutherford is an Elyria resident involved in his community by way of a neighborhood block watch, a run for city council, and promotion of Invest Elyria, among other civic pursuits.


The upcoming election in both May and November has huge implications. We are voting for the men and women who will work to represent us on many levels. The different levels include a county level with our county commissioner race, a state race with our state representative seats being up for election and not to mention our governor’s race. We even have a U.S Senate race which will send someone to Washington D.C to do battle with the lobbyists and special interests to better help residents back here in Ohio. No matter how you vote this election you should vote. I personally will be voting in the Democratic Primary. I know that many that read this site on a regular basis besides me are probably Republicans but that doesn’t matter to me. I want to have a good debate and have the best ideas possible presented to others to best have the public’s best interests in mind when they cast votes that make changes to you and your family’s life.

One Response to “Guest blog: Brandon Rutherford, ” . . . you should vote.””

  1. Kalin Says:

    For the first time in Ohio, there will be a Libertarian primary. So when you are asked what ballot you want, proudly say “Libertarian.”

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