Guest blog: Andrew Winemiller on the role of the ORP

Editor’s note: Andrew Winemiller has twice been a Republican candidate for Lorain City Council, served as Lorain Safety/Service Director under an interim mayor finishing out a remainder of a term, is secretary of the Lorain Area Republican Club, is active in Lorain County politics by virtue of being a Lorain resident, and active in Seneca County politics by virtue of attending college there.  He is a candidate for state central committee from the 13th District, along with Robert Rousseau (an incumbent that the ORP won’t endorse–which is not a bad thing, in my book) of Lorain County, and Robert Duncan, chair of the Huron County Republican Party.  The 13th District includes Lorain County, Huron County, and the eastern portion of Seneca County.  I invited Mr. Winemiller to summarize his platform as a candidate for GOP state central committee, and he has graciously accepted the invitation, but this should not be construed to be my endorsement in this race.  I’ll have more to post in the near future about this race and the other candidates, including the women contesting the 13th District seat, Marilyn Jacobcik of Lorain county, and Joyce Houck (an incumbent the ORP DID endorse–and I’m not enthused about that) of Huron county.  By the way, the ORP’s state central committee endorsements were initially issued by the ORP paid staff, without the committee’s say so.

Andrew Winemiller, Republican state central committee candidate

In my opinion, a member of our state central committee carries out three vital tasks.  The first of these tasks is to provide adaquate representation for the Republican constituancy within his or her district.  This starts with showing up at meetings.  Our current member has a less than stellar record on this note.  In addition to showing up for meetings, a member must be able to gain the respect of his or her colleagues in order to properly represent his or her district.  The second of these tasks is to support candidates and Republican groups throughout his or her district.  Being at events throughout the entire district is a must.  Again, my opponent’s record of reaching out to every corner of the district leaves much to be desired.  Finally, the last task is to be a leader, a face, and a voice for our party.  This means being a cheerleader for our party and its candidates.

The simple reason I am running is that the tasks above are not carried out under our current leadership.  The person who fills this role must be somebody willing to travel a Senate district representing our party.  These people are not only accountable to party leadership.  Rather, they are accountable to each and every Republican within their respective district.  An open ended discussion must take polace on a normal basis.  This person must make every attempt to reach out to every demographic and every corner of his or her district.  They should be active listeners for the people and motivated cheerleaders for our party and its candidates.

In the end, it is and should be all about beating the other side of the aisle in November.  However, these little-known, volunteer positions have real implications.  I want to play an active role in moving our party toward a brighter future.  I’m excited to be the voice of every Republican in Ohio’s 13th Senate District, and the way I’m going to do that is by constantly reaching out to all Republican voters.  I’ve been traveling the entire 13th District for two years now.  I’ve seen the triumphs and troubles of our district.  I’ve shook countless hands, and now I want to represent each and every one of those good people.  If we work together, as a united party, we will win in November, and that is my ultimate goal.

3 Responses to “Guest blog: Andrew Winemiller on the role of the ORP”

  1. Dai Alanye Says:

    I sense an omission—what about selection and grooming of candidates?

    In addition, let’s all remember that Spellcheck is our friend.

  2. Andy Winemiller` Says:

    Dia Alanye – It wasn’t an omission as much as it was an oversight. You are correct. That is an important part of the position, and a part that I believe I can do better than current leadership.
    It wasn’t my intention to summarize all the duties of the position. I just wanted to give a quick “blurb.” You are absolutely right about the spelling though. I wrote the email to Daniel very late at night after a grueling day of campaigning throughout the entire 13th District. I should have hit the spell-check button or went to bed and wrote it on a fresh head the next morning. If you’d like to discuss my race or my candidacy at length please feel free to send me an email.

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