Seth Morgan, CPA, for Ohio Auditor

Buckeye RINO endorses Seth Morgan for Ohio Auditor.  The winning credentials that Mary Taylor brought to the table to win the prior Ohio Auditor’s race are the credentials that Seth Morgan brings to the table.

Mary Taylor, perhaps, has set the bar, a new standard, for how we size up Ohio Auditor candidates.  In the workforce in general, auditors are accountants with a specialization.  Before Mary Taylor, the Ohio Auditor wasn’t an accountant with a CPA, let alone an accountant who made a career as an auditor.  There’s been a revolution in how the Ohio Auditor’s office works since the inauguration of Mary Taylor, and it’s a good one.  The office is more professional and less political.  She’ll investigate any use of public funds, any bureaucracy, and she’s let the chips fall where they may, regardless of political leanings.  She’s made the office more independent, letting accountants and auditors do honest work unfettered by political expediencies.

David Yost, Morgan’s opponent, would seek to erode that independence.  Check out this article, from the Columbus Dispatch, about a Yost proposal that would, in Mary Taylor’s view, create conflicts of interest and allow an Ohio Auditor to engage in self-dealing.

Pay no attention to the endorsement for Yost that was issued by the Ohio Republican Party.  The shenanigans used to switch Yost from AG candidate to ORP-endorsed Auditor candidate don’t pass the smell test, as noted here, here, and here.

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  1. Americans for Prosperity-Ohio press release: Former state rep Seth Morgan is the new Director of Policy for AFP-Ohio « Buckeye RINO Says:

    […] for AFP-Ohio March 17, 2011 — buckeyerino Editor’s note: Perhaps you remember last year’s GOP primary in which Seth Morgan, a CPA, vied for nomination to the office of Ohio Auditor. This press release […]

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