Michelle Malkin: NBC’s SNL revisionism

Head over to Michelle Malkin’s blog for a story that left my eyes as big around as saucers and broke my lower jaw as it thudded on the floor.

Here is the transcript and some screen shots of a skit about the bailout that aired on Saturday Night Live this past week.  Herbert and Marion Sandler were unflatteringly portrayed in the skit.  The Sandlers were subprime mortgage lenders that sold their holdings to Wachovia, which recently failed.

Michelle Malkin points out that you can no longer watch the skit as it originally aired online because NBC pulled it down and is deleting some questions about it from it’s message boards.  She connects the dots between the Sandlers, George Soros, and left-wing political groups.  Have these powerful, politically-connected moguls expressed anger toward NBC?  Apparently so, and it appears NBC is scared.

Officially, though, NBC says it’s just reworking the skit because it “didn’t meet NBC standards,” and the revised skit will soon be available online.

So much for media freedom.  Apparently it’s not free from the tyranny of moneyed interests.

Giardini pouts about bloggers

Aw!  Pity Mr. Giardini, the king of the good old boys in Lorain Democrat politics!  We bloggers keep sticking our noses into his backroom dealings, and he just doesn’t like it.  I feel so sorry that he feels so persecuted.  NOT! Read the rest of this entry »