HOPE ON Part 2: Obama’s reluctance to drill

The State of Ohio Blogger Alliance has undertaken the task of highlighting criticisms of the Obama ticket that the in-the-tank MSM works hard to downplay or outright ignore.  The effort has been titled “Help Ohio Prevent Electing Obama Now” (HOPE ON), and, in all, 13 installments will be rolled out for blog readers to peruse and reflect upon.

My recap of Part 1 is here.

Dave Stacy at NixGuy has the scoop on Part 2, chock full of videos.  McCain has taken an all-of-the-above approach to achieving energy independence.  Obama has been forced to cave in from the energy stance he took during the primaries, because the public sided with McCain on this issue.  If Obama is dragged kicking and screaming to the issue of drilling for oil, is he really committed to doing it?  Check out Part 2 at NixGuy, and decide for yourself.

From the Buckeye RINO perspective:

While I didn’t devote blog space to comparing Obama and McCain on energy, I did compare Ohio’s 13th Congressional Representative Betty Sutton with her challenger Dave Potter on energy and the economy.  Betty Sutton’s efforts on the energy front have been LAME!  Dave Potter takes an all-of-the-above approach and he took a principled stand against the bailout demonstrating his superior knowledge of the economy, so I’ve endorsed Dave Potter for Congress.