Kalin Stipe at Word of Mouth presents the state ballot issues

“Why would we change our constitution to allow a monopoly when there are plenty of investors who would open up around Ohio. If you are going to change the law (especially the constitution) for one, then change it for all.

“The worst number of casinos to have in Ohio is ONE. Either keep it at zero or make it fair for more than one.”

Kalin Stipe

The above quote reflects a portion of Stipe’s view against Issue 6.  I’ve already written six blog entries against Issue 6 before now, so it’s only natural that I would choose a quote from Stipe that references opposition to Issue 6.

If you visit Word of Mouth, you will find that Stipe presents the pros and cons of all the state ballot issues before he weighs in with his own commentary, so if you’re scratching your head because you haven’t researched the issues yet, I recommend reading Stipe’s posts.  Here are the links:

  • Issue 1: Moving the deadline up on submitting petitions for ballot issues
  • Issue 2: Issuing $400 million in bonds, incurring more state debt, for brownfield revitalization and green space preservation
  • Issue 3: Setting forth the rights of property owners in relation to water on or below their land
  • Issue 4: This issue was withdrawn from the ballot
  • Issue 5: New regulations for payday lenders
  • Issue 6: Allowing one solitary casino to begin operation in Southwest Ohio

Kalin Stipe is voting no on 1, no on 2, yes on 3, no on 5, and no on 6.

I am voting yes on 1, no on 2, yes on 3, yes on 5, and no on 6.

Feel free to weigh in with how you’ll vote on the state’s ballot issues.

HOPE ON Part 1: Obama is part of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac problem

The State of Ohio Blogger Alliance has undertaken the task of highlighting criticisms of the Obama ticket that the in-the-tank MSM works hard to downplay or outright ignore.  The effort has been titled “Help Ohio Prevent Electing Obama Now” (HOPE ON), and, in all, 13 installments will be rolled out for blog readers to peruse and reflect upon.

Tom Blumer of BizzyBlog has unveiled the first installment of HOPE ON.  It includes this video, which points out that, more than two years ago, John McCain called for reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Barack Obama benefited from the status quo at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, therefore, he’s part of the problem.  Blumer includes his own commentary that connects the dots for you.

From the Buckeye RINO perspective:

On this blog, I linked to a video showing Obama’s Democrat allies defending the status quo at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the Franklin Raines era.  I’ve already opined on this blog that the McCain ticket portends more change we can believe in than the Obama ticket does.  Of course, I advocated against the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.