Supreme Court doesn’t repair damage to Brunner’s reputation

Though Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner won her appeal to the United States Supreme Court and ended the legal challenges to her handling of the current election process already underway, she’s mistaken if she thinks that she can pat herself on the back and feel that the damage she’s done to her own reputation has been repaired.

Though one line of legal questioning has been resolved, the controversy has not been erased, and confidence in Ohio’s election systems is far from being secured.  The Secretary of State could have been much more proactive, in prior months, in implementing sufficient checks and balances to erase all doubts about the integrity of the vote, but instead she permitted too many opportunities for gaming the system by those who don’t have scruples.

I expect she’ll face spirited opposition in 2010, should she decide to seek re-election.

I didn’t vote for Brunner in 2006, and I believe the events that have unfolded since her election have only caused me to feel vindicated that I voted correctly in the SoS race.