HOPE ON Part 3: Above Obama’s pay grade

The State of Ohio Blogger Alliance has undertaken the task of highlighting criticisms of the Obama ticket that the in-the-tank MSM works hard to downplay or outright ignore.  The effort has been titled “Help Ohio Prevent Electing Obama Now” (HOPE ON), and, in all, 13 installments will be rolled out for blog readers to peruse and reflect upon.

My recap of Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

Jay Anderson has the scoop on HOPE ON Part 3 at his blog, Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate.  At issue is this Obama quote: “I’ve got two daughters. If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”  The video link is here.  You’ve heard the Republican claims that Barack Obama is the most liberal member of the United States Senate.  His views on abortion are as leftward as they come.  Anderson posts links to several sources, but this one and this one, both from Princeton University professor Robert George, are the most definitive.

From the Buckeye RINO perspective:

Abortion is an issue that matters a LOT to me.  I’m the oldest of 10 siblings, so I don’t understand what’s wrong with having babies.  I haven’t devoted blog space picking apart Obama’s stance on abortion because it’s so obvious that he’s not even close to being on the same wavelength I am.  In the run-up to the Republican VP selection, though, I did stipulate that my support of the McCain ticket would at least require a pro-life running mate even though McCain himself had a pro-life record.  McCain had assured us that he would.  The pick of Sarah Palin definitely helped solidify the base.

Carnival of Ohio Politics #139

This was my sophomore turn as editor of the Carnival of Ohio Politics.  Installment number 139 is now posted.  I’ll tell you what, there are lots of angry bloggers, politicians, and voters out there.  I think I need to head over to WLST for some Chicken Soup for the Swing State Soul.  Check out the Carnival, yourselves, and then get some of that Chicken Soup afterwards.