[UPDATE] A few McCain supporters need a reality check

The MSM has been floating reports that there’s been at least one voice raised at McCain rallies saying “Kill him,” referring to Obama as the target.  The audio is garbled, so I’m not sure if it really happened, but if it did, someone needs a personal visit from a cadre of Secret Service agents pronto.  If I ever heard someone raise that cry, I’d do my best to lead the Secret Service straight to the perp.  I don’t know if any readers have had the privilege of attending a McCain rally, but I certainly hope that you’d help single out such a perp, too.

[UPDATE] This Times-Leader report says that the Secret Service can find no one who can corroborate the allegations of a solitary journalist that someone shouted “Kill him” at a McCain rally.  There is a phone number, though, if a witness wants to call in.

JMZ not writing and talking like she used to

Most of Ohio’s political bloggers are rank amateurs, and that includes myself, whose blogging comes from inward motivations.  Most bloggers, like me, don’t make any money to blog.  There are a few that have a little bit of advertising.  There are a few that are professional, like Progress Ohio, that has its own office space, or Openers, which is a blogging arm of a newspaper (in this case, the Plain Dealer).  For those few blogs that aren’t purely amateur, they have an exposure, however slight, to external editorial constraints.  Therefore, for the most part, bloggers write what they want to write without outside interference.

Jill Miller Zimon, of Writes Like She Talks (WLST), once abandoned an arrangement with the Plain Dealer ostensibly because she sensed that some entity or entities desired to influence what she wrote or didn’t write.  Writes Like She Talks was one of my favorite left-of-center blogs to read. Read the rest of this entry »

Carnival of Ohio Politics #137 posted

Check out the Carnival of Ohio Politics for the best of what the Ohio political blogosphere has to offer for the past week.  Installment number 137 is now posted.

While you’re at it, please welcome our new editor for the Carnival, who has been blogging for some time now at The Boring Made Dull.