Waiting for Lorain’s Law Director to step down

This post is just a reminder to the ever-so-dangerous Mark Provenza, Law Director for the city of Lorain, that his resignation is expected, because his continued disregard for the law is an outrage.

Pre-trial hearings for Provenza’s 4th DUI charge since taking office as Lorain’s Law Director commenced in Lakewood Municipal Court, and the Lorain Morning Journal reports that Provenza was not in attendance, but Chad Henderson, a Lakewood resident who had his house crashed into by Provenza was there.

Henderson said he went to the courthouse yesterday because, “I just have to see what happens. I can’t just let it go.” Provenza did not appear in court, as the pretrial was continued.

What does one do in the middle of the night when a vehicle careens into one’s house?  In Henderson’s case:

“We immediately got up, put the dog in the cage. We didn’t know if the front of the house was falling off or whatever, went downstairs, and he was still stuck in our driveway,” Henderson said. “He had blown out our stairs, and the van was stuck across the stairs, and he was frantically trying to get away.”

Frantically trying to get away.  Frantically trying to get away.  This is the Law Director of the city of Lorain.  If he can’t be held accountable, who can?  But the Law Director has proven slippery to the justice system before.

He later added, “I just don’t want him to get a slap on the wrist like it seems he has so far.” After being arrested, Provenza was booked into the Lakewood City Jail and cited for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, failure to control, hit-skip and driving without a seat belt. It was his fourth drunken driving arrest since becoming the city’s law director in 2000.

He pleaded not guilty to the drunken driving and other traffic charges in this case.

Provenza was pulled over about 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 20. Lakewood police said he plowed through the front porch of the house . . .  A short time later, officers spotted him going west on Madison Avenue near Belle Avenue with a flat left front tire.

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