What would be fair for Provenza?

The Sandusky Register is reporting that a man who rammed a truck into a motel room was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Time to make a comparison to someone else.

Mark Provenza, Law Director for the city of Lorain, crashed his vehicle into a house, demolishing a porch, in Lakewood.  It’s the 4th time Provenza has been charged with a DUI since he became Law Director.

What penalty should Provenza receive?

8 Responses to “What would be fair for Provenza?”

  1. muley Says:

    …..that’s a difficult question to answer Daniel. Not knowing the guidelines for sentencing, one would think that a 3rd conviction for DUI would call for mandatory jail time of at least 90 days in the county lock-up, along with mandatory, random blood testing for alcohol abuse. I think a lifetime ban from his driving privileges would also be of merited. But on that note, something must be done to keep him from getting behind the wheel of any immediate family members vehicles, as was the case this time, his wife’s mini-van.

  2. buckeyerino Says:

    I hope he rides in a carpool to work. I hope he rides a bike to work. I hope he walks to work. I hope he’s not continuing to drive. Anyone know how he gets back and forth?

  3. Brian Hazelett Says:

    With the bridge being up, maybe he swims?

  4. muley Says:

    ……he has been afforded driving privileges for work related trips by the courts until trial.

  5. buckeyerino Says:

    Brian, I like that idea.

    Muley, I wish they weren’t so lenient with him.

  6. muley Says:

    ……I’m with you on that, djw.

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