Yawn! Boring debate

I can’t fault John McCain and Barack Obama, though.  The questions put to them were about the same topics they’ve talked about again and again and again.

The only insightful forum so far that these two presidential candidates have participated in was at Saddleback Church.  McCain got a boost from it.

Since the MSM is in the tank for Obama, when they have moderated debates, they have ensured that the questions posed are in familiar territory for Obama.  Dull.  Boring.  Same-old same-old.

It would be nice to mix things up a bit and break some new ground during these debates, wouldn’t it?  But that might showcase Obama’s lack of experience and reveal rifts between Obama and the general public on the issues.

The most glaring omission?  The issue of illegal immigration.  Americans have an opinion on the issue.  I think we’d like some elaboration from both Obama and McCain on the issue.

It would even be nice if they were asked questions about legal immigration.

Apparently, the MSM, though, doesn’t view issues through the same prism as the general public.  There’s only one debate left, and the chances are dwindling that the MSM will pose any questions about illegal immigration to these candidates before Election Day.

There are many other questions that could have been asked that weren’t, even within the realm of economics and foreign policy, that would have broken fresh ground.  For example, on economics, the candidates could have been asked about trade policy, or their views on the prospects of reviving domestic manufacturing, or probing the behavior of the insurance industry.  On foreign policy, the candidates could have been asked about foreign affairs within our own hemisphere, since there have been schisms between the USA and Bolivia, Venezuela, and of course, Cuba.  Wouldn’t it make sense to ask about Cuba?  What should the USA be doing about the most unstable nation in the western hemisphere, Haiti?  Can Canada and Mexico be counted on as partners in weaning all of North America off foreign oil?

I’m not holding my breath, though.  I can sense that the fix is in.  I don’t think the MSM wants to raise such issues for fear that more Obama vulnerabilities will be exposed.

2 Responses to “Yawn! Boring debate”

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