[UPDATE] A few McCain supporters need a reality check

The MSM has been floating reports that there’s been at least one voice raised at McCain rallies saying “Kill him,” referring to Obama as the target.  The audio is garbled, so I’m not sure if it really happened, but if it did, someone needs a personal visit from a cadre of Secret Service agents pronto.  If I ever heard someone raise that cry, I’d do my best to lead the Secret Service straight to the perp.  I don’t know if any readers have had the privilege of attending a McCain rally, but I certainly hope that you’d help single out such a perp, too.

[UPDATE] This Times-Leader report says that the Secret Service can find no one who can corroborate the allegations of a solitary journalist that someone shouted “Kill him” at a McCain rally.  There is a phone number, though, if a witness wants to call in.

3 Responses to “[UPDATE] A few McCain supporters need a reality check”

  1. Tim Higgins Says:

    There is no excuse for such behavior if it occurring, but I fear that the rhetoric is getting out of control on both sides of the fence.

    The spiral down in honesty, good manners, and reasoned debate in the election process seems to be accompanied by a loud flushing sound these days.

  2. Norma Says:

    And how do we know this was a McCain supporter? Or just someone trying to make the rally attendees look bad so the media could pounce? I was at the Capital rally last week, not a comfortable place or well prepared, with protestors outside, but I saw not a person inside or in the long line waiting to get in who was disrespectful or angry. Chairs would have been nice for the long wait as many were retirees and disabled.

  3. HOPE ON Part 9: Measure Obama and McCain by their character « Buckeye RINO Says:

    […] shouted “Kill him,” referencing Barack Obama as the target, at a McCain rally, and I urged cooperation with the Secret Service if anyone had any evidence of such conspiracies afoot. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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