HOPE ON Part 7: Obama not inspiring our trust

The State of Ohio Blogger Alliance has undertaken the task of highlighting criticisms of the Obama ticket that the in-the-tank MSM works hard to downplay or outright ignore.  The effort has been titled “Help Ohio Prevent Electing Obama Now” (HOPE ON), and, in all, 13 installments will be rolled out for blog readers to peruse and reflect upon.

Here are my recaps of Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

Mark at Weapons of Mass Discussion has the scoop on Part 7.  The accompanying video is here.  The political career of Barack Obama was launched in the home of Bill Ayers.  As noted in HOPE ON Part 6, Obama is being elusive about defining his ideology, and, as noted in HOPE ON Part 4, when we look at his votes in the U.S. Senate, he occupies the far left endpoint of the political spectrum among his colleagues in the U.S. Senate.  While Barack Obama states that Bill Ayers is just a guy in the neighborhood, and while Obama states that he doesn’t condone the violence carried out, when Obama was 8 years old, by the Weather Underground, which Ayers belonged to, the few cryptic remarks and actions of Obama that help bring a fuzzy picture of his ideology into sharper focus may very well indicate a convergence of opinion with that of Bill Ayers.  What does Ayers believe, and has Obama ever denounced such beliefs, or, instead, has Obama endorsed such beliefs?  Obama has only denounced the terrorist violence conducted by Ayers.  That’s the full scope of Obama denunciation of Ayers.  Otherwise, Obama lauds Ayers as a well-respected professor of education.  What does Ayers advocate for in the realm of education?  Well, he’s been using non-profit organizations to engage in frequent power struggles over who controls the Chicago schools.  His education reforms are not aimed at academic goals at all.  His education reforms are aimed at control over the schools, and then aimed at social engineering by way of adopting a radical agenda, which would probably reflect his political views on government overthrow, anarchy, Marxism, disdain for religion, decriminalization of drugs, gutting the juvenile justice system, breaking ties to Israel, and abandoning all strategic interests in the Middle East (but not before establishing a Palestinian state).  Ayers has a patronizing view of African-Americans.  I’m not sure if Ayers wants to be the patron saint of African-Americans, or if Ayers wants to be their honorary leader, or mentor, or what, but I think all Americans can do just fine without Ayers at the helm.  Ayers has never let go of his ambitions to topple government and seize power for his elite alliance.  Ayers ties to the Woods Foundation go back a generation to his father.  The Woods Foundation created the grant that the Developing Communities Project used to hire 24-year-old Barack Obama as a community organizer back in 1985.  The orbits of Obama and Ayers were not so remote from each other 23 years ago.  With Obama being trusted by Ayers to distribute the funds for Ayers’ radical education reforms, one must wonder whether Obama is an Ayers apprentice.

From the Buckeye RINO perspective:

John McCain is someone I trust.  He has been transparent even when he’s been wrong.  He’s followed his own inner compass of putting his country first ever since his days as a prisoner-of-war in Vietnam, a conflict that saw Ayers supporting a communist victory.  In all of Obama’s utterances and legislative votes about education, economics, and the criminal justice system, I hear echoes of Ayers.  That doesn’t inspire my trust.

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