I wanted to answer the last question of the debate

The final presidential candidates’ debate between Barack Obama and John McCain has concluded.  The final question of the night was about education.  Having taught in both American and South Korean classrooms, I know something about why America doesn’t fare well in academics even though America pays the most money per pupil on education in the world.

The answer?  Other countries allocate their resources toward academic achievement.  America allocates its resources toward social engineering.  Want a prime example?  Bill Ayers.  Bill Ayers received grant money that Barack Obama distributed that was for social engineering purposes, not for academic achievement.  But not just private grant money gets diverted for tangential purposes, so does tax money.  Liberals use our schools as labs for social experimentation.  They are more interested in promoting group think and producing a society that isn’t stratified than they are about producing scholars that have a facile command of math, language, the arts, and the sciences, and that are able to think for themselves.

John McCain missed a clear opportunity to tie Obama to Ayers on the very important campaign issue of education.

In South Korea, parents and teachers just want their kids to master the subject material.  There isn’t any additional agenda competing for resources.  That’s the secret of their success.

4 Responses to “I wanted to answer the last question of the debate”

  1. James Says:

    Ironically one room school houses in the 1800’s served just as well for basic education as our modern classrooms with a lot less junk. I wish I could find the article I remember seeing on an economics professor’s door while attending college. It showed that while spending has increased almost exponentially over the last 50 years (even adjusted for inflation) reading comprehension levels have not budged. I have to agree with you on this one. I would also add that my 7 year old child in the second grade starts school at 8:10 a.m. and leaves at 3:00 p.m. That’s almost a full time job for a 7 year old! Maybe if our schools weren’t geared toward babysitting for working parents and focused more on education they wouldn’t be burnt out on school by the time they get to the 8th grade. Maybe that would help our dropout rates too. And how is it that a child can only work 4 hours a day when they are 14-15 but they are forced to go to school for 7 hours when they are 6-7?

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