Lorain needs to bridge the gap

Lorain has been experiencing a bit of a bridge problem.  Discussion of it has cropped up in the local print media and in local blogs.  To get a look at the problem, yourself, taka a look here, at That Woman’s Weblog (echoed here, at Muley’s Cafe), or have a look here, at Word of Mouth.  The severity of the problem is discussed here and here in the Lorain Morning Journal, as well as here in the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram.

These concerns illustrate what I wrote about here, here, and here which is why I’m still talking about stuff like this.

One Response to “Lorain needs to bridge the gap”

  1. Gov. Strickland, please help Lorain with its broken drawbridge « Buckeye RINO Says:

    […] infrastructure in keeping the wheels of commerce greased.  In downtown Lorain, there is a drawbridge along U.S. Route 6 that crosses near the mouth of the Black River on the Lake Erie shore.  The name of the bridge is […]

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