Comrades, welcome to the U.S.S.S.A.

The Socialist Revolution is complete, comrades!  Comrades Tiberi, Schmidt, and Sutton proved to the rebellion that they are turncoats, and the glorious United Soviet Socialist States of America has been christened by our Politburo.  The delegation to the Politburo from the Soviet Socialist State of Ohio proudly announces that Comrades Tiberi, Schmidt, and Sutton joined with Comrades Boehner, Pryce, Hobson, Regula, Space, Wilson, Ryan, Voinovich, and Brown to secure the success of The Socialist Revolution!  Let us not forget those who were foolhardy enough to resist The Socialist Revolution.  LaTourette, Chabot, Turner, Latta, Jordan, Kaptur, and Kucinich: Let these names be engraved in infamy!

Again, supporting the Soviet Socialist State of Ohio in our Politburo:

Voinovich (R)

Brown (D)

Boehner (R)

Pryce (R)

Hobson (R)

Regula (R)

Tiberi (R)

Schmidt (R)

Space (D)

Sutton (D)

Ryan (D)

Wilson (D)

Traitors of the S.S.S. of Ohio in the Politburo of the U.S.S.S.A

Jordan (R)

Latta (R)

LaTourette (R)

Turner (R)

Chabot (R)

Kaptur (D)

Kucinich (D)

21 Responses to “Comrades, welcome to the U.S.S.S.A.”

  1. Chad Says:

    You might need to change the name of your blog. This post is DEFINITELY conservative enough!

    Kaptur and Kuchinich smarter than these Republicans? Say it ain’t so!

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    […] 1A: Buckeye RINO has the Ohio Dishonor Roll, and those who stood […]

  3. buckeyerino Says:

    Thanks, Chad. I’ve always thought of myself as conservative, even when others have not.

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    […] Oct. 3 — Unfortunately, in the end, Schmidt joined a few dozen others and wilted, as this BuckeyeRINO post indicates. Very. […]

  5. Ben K Says:

    Dow down like 160 today.

  6. buckeyerino Says:

    That’s right, Ben. Despite the “rescue,” the economy will continue its downward trend, anyway, just as I’ve been saying. We haven’t seen the last of the fears over credit freezing up. It’ll happen again, as derivatives still poison our financial world. The pathology has not been rooted out of our financial system.

  7. Loraine Ritchey Says:

    It all started with the French 🙂
    seriously DJW the BBc has a great time line article today

  8. buckeyerino Says:

    The symptoms started to show in France, but, as the timeline shows, the conditions leading to the credit crunch were already present in the U.S.A. at that time. It’s tempting to blame someone else, but the blame is homegrown this time, and politicians in both parties are complicit.

  9. Loraine Ritchey Says:

    That was a dig at France and the French connection.something that will become clearer after I write about my recent “happenings in France” they are leaving a lot to be desired imho -( and that isn’t just me being English 🙂 more on that later.
    You are correct and it is the US and more also on that later with an experience I had about 6 years ago when speaking at a Real Estate Seminar and the Fannie Mae 300,000 dollar home for 50 bucks a month was first on the agenda… is total greed and irresponsibilty across the board on this one….Cheers Loraine

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    […] a communist victory.  In all of Obama’s utterances and legislative votes about education, economics, and the criminal justice system, I hear echoes of Ayers.  That doesn’t inspire my trust. […]

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