Brunner hurt by ACORN

Even before this general election season, I’d already thought the case against Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was strong.

With the election upon us, the case grows stronger.

Brunner’s reputation isn’t really being threatened by Ohio Republicans, though.  As anyone knows, the Republican brand in Ohio has been damaged, so even though a number of GOP voices have been outspoken against Brunner, those dissenting voices haven’t had much sway over Ohio’s electorate.

The Ohio electorate is taking another look at Brunner, however, and not necessarily in a positive light.  ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is under investigation in eight states for potential voter registration fraud, and is receiving national attention on all the news networks.  The MSM is investigating what checks and balances are in place to preserve the integrity of elections, and when the scrutiny turns to Ohio and Brunner, there are question marks.

The coverage of ACORN’s excesses is what has the electorate of Ohio scratching their heads about Brunner.  So far, Brunner’s strategy has been to shoot the messengers.  I don’t think that strategy will pay off when 2010 arrives.

10 Responses to “Brunner hurt by ACORN”

  1. Boring Made Dull Says:

    Well, it worked for Bill Clinton.

  2. Connect the Dots 2006 Says:

    I’m just baffled by the dhimmicrat SOS. Her job is to ensure the integrity of the election. Period. She is failing miserably. Should the messiah steal this election, we should march on Columbus with pitchforks and torches.

  3. Tim Higgins Says:

    And here I thought that it was Republicans who stole elections.

    SOS Brunner seems to be more concerned with protecting a flawed process than the rights of Ohio voters. We should be asking how long this will be allowed to continue, but I guess it only needs to for another month.

  4. buckeyerino Says:

    Brunner is acting like she doesn’t want to keep her job in 2010.

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